Elementary Program

Instruction includes Bible, Language Arts (reading, writing, spelling, oral and written communication), History/Geography, Mathematics, Science, and co-curricular studies (foreign language, physical education, health, music, and arts/crafts).

Junior High School Program

Instruction includes Bible, Language Arts (literature, reading, writing, spelling, oral and written communications), Mathematics, Science, History/Geography, Career education and co-curricular studies (foreign language, art, physical education, health, and music).

High School Program

Instruction includes Bible and a variety of courses in fields of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, History/Geography, Foreign Language, Home Economics, Business Education, Art, Music, and vocational apprenticeships.

Course Description



The Bible curriculum is considered one of the academic basics. In teaching the basic Biblical truths fundamental to Christianity, many opportunities exist for teachers to stress personal application in the lives of their students.

History & Geography

The traditional subjects of geography, history, civics, and government are the major emphases of the History & Geography curriculum. World history is presented from God’s viewpoint. This study is built on God’s plan for the salvation of man.

Language Arts

The Language Arts approach combines the integrated study of the following language skills: reading comprehension, grammar, handwriting, composition, spelling, literature, speaking, and listening. A student cannot achieve real success without mastering the art of communication.


Practice and application characterizes the mastery of basic mathematical concepts and skills, as well as advanced concepts.


The curriculum places God at the center, not only as Creator, but also as Sustainer of the universe. In teaching scientific facts and truth, honor is given to the Creator. All laws are God’s laws; all life is God’s life; all truth is God’s truth.