Teachers Professional Development

2023 -2024

Understanding Gender from a Biblical Worldview

Memorable Science (Grades 6-12)

Something Needs to Change? Start with your culture

Understanding Trauma in the Classroom

Reading: The Final Grade

Survival Tips for the New and Not So New Teachers

Understanding Independent/Christian School Parents

Developing a Culture of Effective Teacher Assimilation

Helping Students Get to Where They Need to Be

Avoiding Grade Inflation

A Framework for Racial Unity and Educational Leadership

Making Sense of Standardized Test Scores

STEM for Middle School Science and Math – without Breaking the Bank

Assessment Tools You Can Use Today

Phonics: The Whys and Hows

Yes! You Can M.A.T.H.

The Power of Science Simulations

Focus on Fives for a Strong Foundation

Helping Young Scientists Discover God’s World

Academic Excellence: Understanding Today’s Landscape

Emotions: Helping Students Sanctify Their Feelings

The Art of Questioning: Perfecting Your Q&A Techniques

Use All of the Crayons in Your Box: Phonics for K5 – Grade 1

Seeing the Big Picture with Footsteps for Four

Getting the Most from Your Teacher Editions

BIG Apologetics in the Classroom: Modeling a Defense of the Faith in Every Subject

Helping Young Historians See God’s Story throughout History

The Simplest Prescription for Improving Education

Interesting History

When Parents and Teachers Meet: A View from Both Sides of the Desk

Loving to Read or Required to Read: How Do Your Students Feel?

Broken Windows Theory and Classroom Management: How Disorder Invites Chaos

Teaching and Delighting: Making Literature Both Educational and Fun

Teacher Tools Online: What’s in Here

Strategic Planning for the Christian School

Teaching Teenagers – Managing Your Secondary Class